Q: How much does a subscription to Auto Shop Controller cost?                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
AOur subscription program runs between $58.95 through $63.95 per month:
IE. U.S. based customers which pay via a direct debit from their checking account is $ 58.95
      All other customers $ 63.95 that pay with a credit card.   

There are no upfront costs besides your monthly subscription                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
No commitment is required, you can cancel any time. There are virtually no hold times to speak with a US based support engineer. Unheard of in the support industry!

Our subscription program includes:
Software upgrades to Auto Shop Controller Desktop Edition...including major releases
Toll-Free support with virtually no hold times.
Unlimted use of our VIN Validation Service
Unlimted use of our Email Validation Service
Unlimted use of our Txting Service

Q: Where can I order reminder postcards? 
A: You can order beautiful color postcards (four per page) directly from us! give us a call at 800-682-4075, or purchase them through our site. 
  Only $139.95 for a pack of 500 color cards 

All orders placed online are subject to free UPS Ground Shipping within the continental USA.
All other orders will be assessed appropriate shipping. 
N.Y. businesses are subject to sales tax. 

Q: What are the Auto Shop Controller upgrade instructions? 
A: The Auto Shop Controller Upgrade instructions:

An internet connection is required.
If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to call. 
Download the upgrade from our 'ASC Downloads' link found on the home page.  Then run it and follow the on-screen instructions. 
A) If you are installing on a single user system, then select 'Full installation.'
B) If you're installing on a network, select 'Full installation' on your server, then 'Workstation only'  on each workstation.

Q: I forgot my account password. How do I retrieve it? 
 If you forgot your password, you can retrieve it by clicking on the Forgot Password link on the Order Status page or during the checkout process while placing a new order. 

Q: Which files need to be backed up? 
A: Be sure to back up every night!
It's a fact that all hard drives eventually fail.  It's just a matter of time before your computer fails.  If you walked into work tomorrow and your system did not start up, how would this affect your business? No customers, no service history, no record of who owes you money. 
For your reference, in most configurations, you should be backing up the following folder on your data server:




This folder contains all of your data (customers, vehicles, service history, inventory, etc.)

You can exclude all files with an extension of 'CDX' but not required.
There are several sub-folders underneath the AutoData folder which are not required to be backed up. 

Q: How do I contact you? 
A: Our contact information is provided on our Contact Us Page 

Q: "What is  Technical - Can't Find Data Path." 
Network Connectivity Issue 

What is a key block?  (Only applies to Version 13.5 and lower)
 A key block is Auto Shop Controller's way of determining if you have a license to use the software for an unlimited period of time. It is typically a small USB flash drive that is plugged into your computer. 
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